100 private hospitals have not Safety NOC, Administration under doubt  

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Who will be responsible if any sudden incident happens with anyone?

Shafi Shiddiqee/ Alive News

Faridabad : Undoubtedly, whenever people feel unwell, they rush into hospitals, but they do not know the hospitals in which they are going, are those hospitals safe for them? This thing will look a bit awkward, but it’s right. The RTI report has revealed that only 10 hospitals and nursing homes out of 110 across the city have the fire NOC. The report tells how the city’s hospitals which claim better health services providing to the people are playing with their life. Of course, you can see fire fighting equipment in hospitals, but they are only showpieces, because either they are very old equipment or their operators are untrained, which cannot prove helpful at any cost if any incident take place in hospitals. In thus a situation, can these hospitals really prove to be life-giving? Because, in hospitals where there is no NOC, they can only give death to people if there is a sudden fire. And who will be responsible hospital, nursing home or administration if death occurs?

 What is Fire NOC policy?

As per Haryana Fire Service Act, 2009, any person proposing to construct a building to be used for any purpose other than residential purpose or a building proposed to be used for residential purpose of more than 15 meters in height, such as group housing, multi-storeyed flats, walk up apartments, etc. before the commencement of the construction, shall apply for the approval of Fire Fighting Scheme conforming to national Building Code of India, the Disaster Management Act, 2005 (53 of 2005), the Factories Act, 1948 (Act 63 of 1948) and the Punjab Factory Rules, 1952, and issue of no objection certificate on such form, along with such fee, as may be prescribed.

IMA Faridabad says 

Everybody is applying online for Fire NOC. I have appealed rest members of the IMA Faridabad to apply for Fire NOC soon. We have appointed leasing officers who will complete this work within a month.

Dr Puneeta haseja, President IMA, Faridabad


RTI activist says

An RTI activist, Ravinder Chawla talking to media said it is shocking case that the Fire Department is so niggardly about its duty. Most of the departments, whether it is hospital, an educational institute, an administrative department’s building, electrical sub-stations and especially the Municipal Corporation Faridabad, they do not have NOC. What action will the fire department take against other departments when it does not have the license? The applicant said he had complained at the CM window in which he was told that the officer of the fire department does not have the right to take action against the person who violates the rules.

MCF officer says

I have no knowledge that notification against any private organisation has been issued. However, the notification was issued against some organisations to take NOC, otherwise the harsh action would be taken against them. He while talking about government building said that NOC is being given to those government buildings which are possible and awareness campaign is also being conducted in this regard. He further said that strict action will be taken against the negligent organizations even after notification.

Parth Gupta, Additional Commissioner, MCF, Faridabad


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