A day journey with New Jalpaiguri Train


Changing is the law of nature. Time has changed, people have been changed, in fact the objects of prosperity has also been changed, but unfortunately, thinking power of human is being narrow rather than extending, the biggest reason for people to be selfish, but somewhere it creates rift between the people.
Actually, there was a time, when the train was called a moving house. People has keenly met with their areas people in the trains and spent the whole night to ask about their each other, but regrettably, the train has become a moving political haunt, now no other talk except politic happens in the trains. It is really losing its identity. However, I got an opportunity to observe the passengers views while traveling.

Actually, I booked my ticket for traveling with the New Jalpairuri Train. This is a direct train origination from New Delhi to New Jalpaiguri. The total coach composition 23 was the train that connects Eastern and Northern part of India covering Bihar & U.P. It came 3 hours late at Delhi platform No-14 on December 7. Though, every passenger who were waiting to the train at the platform have not knowledge about the other waiting passengers name, religion, designation and native place. They are unknown about to each other, but after the train coming at the platform the passengers take their seats and indulge to discuss with nearby the passengers when the train is about to leave platform for its destination. But the different is this that man made the train somehow completes it journey whether it may bare hot, cold and rain or further expands by piercing rivers fields and forests to reach its destination. It neither tried nor fears and never changes its rout. Regrettably, man boarded the same train changes countless colours for their selfishness. He does like this just because of gaining popularity in the society and may earns more & more money, though the same phenomenal got to see in the train.

By the way, there is no wrong to say political forum of the moving train, because I surprised at that time when the boarded stranger passengers who still unknown about each other, though they were talking interestingly nearby the passengers on the political topics, but suddenly they began to altercation with one another. Actually, the matter was this that one passenger out of the boarded the train was speaking in favor of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), while some other passengers were trying to prove right steps that are being taken by the BJP govt., no doubt that the two group passengers would have not talked about Racism, Beef issue, corruption and theft topics, but introducing their rationality thoughts the existing passengers of the train were quite otherwise the political forum could be changed into the battle field. However, it is fallen night the passengers has dinner and went to sleep on their won seats.

Whatever, I got a lesson by the journey that now people of the country are keeping eye on the leader’s misdeeds. I delighted to see at that time when the two pi leader began using foul language themselves and came to assault, but there existing the passenger kept mum, by which it has cleared that the leaders tactic as ‘Divide and rule’ is about to finish. An appropriate time has come now the public must take decisions themselves in any circumstances, otherwise these leaders may vanish our social relations at any time anywhere.

The Alive News Correspondent: Shafi Shiddique

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