American Curriculum Preschool launched in Gurugram


Gurugram/ Alive News: Discovery Montessori, USA, the very First American Preschool has launched its branch in the Cyber city of Gurugram. The pre- school is well equipped with the required Amenities for the kids and the special feature of this school is that the education system is based on the American learning pattern and seconded by the 4 Lab systems for the children.

P.K Samal, Managing Director of Discovery Montessori said in this Dynamic Economy Center of India’s National Capital Region, increasing number of parents both work and need just sort of modern and secure facility to give them peace of mind and their children the early childhood education they deserve.

The main Feature of this System is ignited by the pulling the focus on its 4 Lab System, Montessori Lab, Tab Lab, Play Area and Sporty Todz Gym. The main Focus is on the overall development of the child. The focus will be from Physical Development, Literacy Development, Sensual Development, Cognitive Development, Moral Development, Linguistic Development and along with the Social and Behavioral Development of the children, he stated.

P.K Samal said the entire idea behind the concept of coming up with this pre-school is to provide the working parents their time and space during work and to eliminate the problem of constantly worrying about their children’s well- being. It will be convenient for the parents working in Dlf Cyber City, India’s biggest corporate hub, as they will be able to work without having to worry about their children’s development and well-being.

Satpal Dass, Founder and CEO of The British Education Center said, “It’s our pleasure to join hands with Edovu ventures and the unbeaten combination of art and facility and teaching technology  will definitely be a success.”

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