Amit Shah to addressed the Purvanchalis at Ramlila Maidan

New Delhi/ Alive News : “Purvanchal Maha Kumbh” is being organized in Ramlila Maidan on September 23 from the side of the ‘Bharatiya Janta Purvanchal Morcha’. Bhartiya Janata Party national president, Shri Amit Shah will be present as the Chief Guest in this Mahakumbh. This will be addressed by Amit Shah. In this historic Maha Kumbh, Bharatiya Janata Party’s Manoj Kumar Tiwari, Minakshi Lekhi, Ramesh Bidhuri, Dr. Udit Raj, Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Mahesh Giri, Parvesh Sahib, and other leaders will also be present.
On this occasion, Manish Singh, President of the State and the Indian People Purvanchal Morcha and the Vice President, Sonia Sanjay Sinha and all the activists will also be present. The purpose of this Maha Kumbh is to show the power of the people of the Purvanchal. In this Maharani, Hon’ble President Amit Shah will keep his words for the rights of the people of Purvanchal. Because there is a very large population of the Purvanchal people present the capital. But despite having such a large population (majority), the people of Purvanchal have to face many difficulties in the country’s capital. Purvanchalis have full faith from this Mahakumbh that people will definitely get their rights.
Sonia Sanjay Sinha, Vice President of the Bharatiya Janata Purvanchal Morcha said, “This Mahakumbh is our fight for survival and our power is also a demonstration. Through which we want the people of Purvanchal to give their rights, respect and all the things which they deserve. That is why I have a humble appeal to all those people of Purvanchal that the maximum number of people connected with this “Purvanchal Maha Kumbh” on September 23 and make a full contribution in making this a success.
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