Asian Hospital doctor operated critical cancer patient


Faridabad: Asian Hospital Doctors team operated a cancer patient and gave her new life. The patient named, Anchal (10) resident of Gurugram had leg pain for a year. She was unable to stand at her legs. Her family got her treatment done in many hospitals nearby area, but they failed in their intention. One of her relative told them about Asian Institute of Medical Sciences Hospital and Cancer Center, where her parents brought her to treatment.

The Asian Hospital Doctors advised her family member to get her legs X-ray and MRI done, which revealed Osteoarthritis cancer in her legs. Doctors said that this cancer was already in the bones of two separate hip (female) and down knee (Tibia), but it was exposed due to her pain. Doctors told that this cancer spreads rapidly, that’s why they decided to do chemotherapy, so it could not affect other parts.

Dr Kamal Bachani, senior consultant and orthopedic head of the hospital told that the patient had life-threatening cancer, which spreads through the legs in other parts of the body.  Dr Bachani said only 20 to 30 percent patients survived for five years from this disease. He said it was necessary to remove cancer lump from her legs and expendable tumor was applied, which was prepared on order for the patient. Dr Bachani says that it is a boon for the legs cancer patients, because earlier patient legs used to cut to refuse the deadly disease. The patient was operated under guidance of Medical Oncology Director of the Asian Hospital, Dr Praveen Kumar Bansal and Senior Consultant & HOD Anesthesia and OT, Dr Divas Arora.



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