Faridabad/Alive News: The municipal corporation sealed RO systems have reappeared, despite being banned by the authorities and are in function. A study revealed the presence of a lot of harmful chemicals in the water released through a few RO systems. These chemicals are responsible for inviting a number of water-borne diseases. Lack of awareness and irresponsible behavior of the authorities acts like icing on the cake.

It was found that various RO systems are providing unhygienic water lacks any kind of useful minerals. The municipal corporation had banned the production of such RO plants, but they have started once again. It is found that the producers/manufacturers use various harmful chemicals in order to kill the useful minerals like TDS mineral, calcium, magnesium, sodium etc.

 These illegal water plants are responsible for causing various water- borne diseases, such as Cholera, Typhoid, Diarrohea, Hepatitis-A,E, etc. Such diseases are communicable as they can be transferred from one person to another. They come to human contact by drinking that water, washing the eatables in such water which leaves the germs on the surface of the food item and reduce their mineral content and cause hazards to the human system.

The lack of discipline in the authorities and awareness among the society, are among the reasons for the epidemic usually caused by the disease which are originated by the water.

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