Avoid using Contact Lens while playing Holi: Dr Sameer Kaushal


Gurugram/ Alive News: Holi is one of the festival that is loved and played by people of all age groups. But the most worrying part of the festival is that, the Holi colours contain lots of chemicals and metals and these often causes skin allergies, respiratory problem neuro surgeries says experts:

Dr Sameer Kaushal, Senior consultant Ophthalmologist, Tattvan E-Clinic says, It is our responsibility to celebrate the festival with a little care in mind.

Do not splash water on the slippery area like Tiles. Play in Garden where water can be absorbed easily and no one slip causing a major injury.
Always cover your eyes while playing with Colours as these contains toxic substances which may cause irritation, pain, watering in eyes and may even cause blurriness for many days.
Direct eye injury with Water balloons has the potential to severely damage eyes which can even lead to blindness.
Avoid touching eyes frequently. If you feel any irritation in eyes, immediate remedy is to clean eyes with normal running water for 10-15 minutes to wash out all the toxic chemicals from the eye.
Do NOT use anything other than plain water. Use of household remedies like Rose Water can add on to the toxicity and should be avoided.
Avoid using Contact Lens while playing Holi. Experts advise to immediately remove contact lens in case of any irritation or redness.

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