BK Hospital will soon be online


Faridabad: Make the Badshah Khan (B.K. Hospital) online mode work has been started. A company has taken responsibility to functional the hospital online. The company visited to the hospital and selected 72 sites where computers and networking equipment will be installed.
The company will train doctors and staffs for operating the hospital online. Patients will not need to move with their medical related documents after the hospital being online. All documents of patients will be installed on the hospital site, so that doctors may get information about the patients with one click on computer. HRCS has handed responsibility to united health group for uploading the hospital data online.
According to the health official, computerize work is expected to be done for the next year in April. Currently, the data of OPD, Emergency and IPD (Old patients who is still undergoing treatment) would be uploaded and all records of the hospital would be updated after uploading patient’s data. According to the number of place, the health directorate will provide computers. The computers will be installed in OPD card registration counter, OPD room, Causality, Doctors room, Pharmacy, Store room, Blood Bank, CCU, OT, Labour room including several other wards of the hospital. Training principal Medical officer Dr. Suresh Chandra told that around hundred employees including doctors will be trained after installation and networking work, and also a trial will be done after completing the training.
He added 55 hospital and health centers of the state would be included in the first phase, under this, civil hospital of industrial city including FRU-1 and FRU-2 located at sect-30 and sect-3 also have been included. Patients would be given a unique number during the OPD registration by which the patient may be identified.

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