Blood donation can give better health: Dr. M.P Singh


Blood donation plays a very important role in human life. Donated blood can save life of injured person, pregnant lady, thalassemic children and patient of cancer. Blood donation is a symbol of sacrifices and dedication. It is a very good job and noble cause also. It can give better relationship in society. Blood donors is really form of the God to needy person, because blood cannot generated in factories and there is no other option. Human blood only can save human being who is suffering from cancer or major diseases. It is more important to all once or twice in a year come forward to donate blood in voluntary blood donation camps. By research methodology male can donate after every three months. If you are not donating blood then that blood will be destroy, because blood cells have only 90 days life. Scientifically, you should donate blood for your better health. By blood donation you can know your health status free of cost.

There is no harm to your body or weakness. This is the statement of ISBTI and NACO. Writer Dr. M.P Singh is affiliated with the above departments and authorized motivator from AIDS Control society Panchkula Haryana. If you have any type of problem & want to donate blood then you can contact at 9810566553.

By regular donation you can be healthy wealthy wise, because iron quantity will be balance after blood donation. It control blood pressure and reduce cholesterol. By regular blood donation, donor never gets heart attack.


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