Cancer awareness talk show held in DAV Century College


Faridabad: Cancer fastly increasing in females is cause of concern, over this a talk show was conducted in DAV Century College, Faridabad here today, which an objective was “Awareness towards Cancer, cause & cure. The show was conducted in association with NSS (Girls) unit of DAV Centure College including Surya Trust in the college premises.

The show was started with the DAVen song and the Principal, Dr Satish Ahuja greeted the chief guest, Dr Leena Danwal, Consultant Surgical oncology, RGCIRL, News Delhi on the occasion. Dr Leena Dalwal called upon the female students to make their regular check up done. She briefed the students about type of cancer and its symptoms.

Dr Sunita Ahuja, convener of the programme said that women are the base of any house, so it is necessary to keep themselves safe and be aware about their health.  The students also asked cancer related question, in which replied Leena Danwal told that there are 14 types of cancer and she also told about cancer screening test.


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