Celebration of NSS Foundation Day at Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth


Faridabad/Alive News : Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth organised NSS Foundation Day on 7th September,2018.The foundation day was conceived with the invocation of ceremonial lamp by Hon’ble Chancellor ,Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth , (Dr. Picheshwar Gadde), Pro Chancellor ,(Dr. R.K Chauhan),Registrar (Ms. Seema Bushra) and Assistant Registrar (Ms. Hema Gupta).The programme started with Saraswati vandana by the students.

The students briefed about the newly founded NSS unit “NISTHAS-New Ideas Serving the `Humanity and surroundings” and its functions imbued in 5 cells working for the welfare of society, NARI-The women empowerment cell, VATS- The cell for the welfare of underprivileged children, LATHI-The cell for aiding the welfare of senior citizens, GREEN HANDS-The cell for environment and biodiversity protection and WISDOM-the cell for spreading awareness. The students also stated that events, campaigns and activities will be conducted with a view to serve the society and community service under the purview of NSS, National Service Scheme of Indian Government-a public service program by Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports.NSS is a voluntary association of students aiming to inculcate social welfare in students and developing students personality through community service. The student volunteer thanked the organisers for their initiative.

Pro Chancellor (Dr. R .K Chauhan ) stated that NSS started training of students in social services. He further added “The purpose of the scheme was to initiate activities of social service amongst the white collar students. The service was initiated to address issues like cleanliness, awareness campaigns and health camps. He wished the NSS team of students to render best service for the welfare of nation.

Chancellor (Dr.Picheshwar Gadde) stated that NSS is for every individual student to volunteer, decide and guide oneself to change the society in a better way. He addressed the students by stating that by doing one social work a day, will definitely change your life.

A street play “nukkad natak” was organised by the students bringing the voices of students against issues of girls teasing, female foeticides and acid attack. The play gave the message of women empowerment and respect for them ,and eradicating the evils and odds agaiinst women and girls.

A cultural dance imbued in patriotism and feeling of nationalism was presented by the students in tricolor hoisting and gracefully presented. A vote of thanks was delivered by the students. The programme was organised by Assistant Registrar (Ms. Hema Gupta).

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