Center & State govt. false promises of FBD in top-20


Oh shit, Faridabad far from top-20 smart cities

Shafi Shiddique: 
Faridabad/ Alive News: It is truly said ‘A wolf in lamb’s skin’. To bring the same tenure in Haryana state, the BJP govt. adopted countless tactics and finally it got success in forming its government with adequate majority in the state. But it is a misfortune for the people of the state who are being neglected again & again. Similar an incident occurred yesterday, when the first list of top-20 smart cities were announced by the central govt. but unfortunately any city of Haryana State couldn’t acquire its position in top twenty, while it is shocking matter that any leader of the BJP govt. infact CM & PM had no qualms in their respective speeches that FBD has been selected in top-20. Moreover, our CM’s city Karnal was also rejected from issued the first list. Eventually, how it left deprived to secure its position. It has been cleared by this that there is no value of CM & PM speeches in which they used to give congratulation to the people of Faridabad for selecting it in the first round.
It is a bitter truth that the government and administration shed crore of rupees like water on the name of smart city but didn’t achieve anything.

Whoever, let’s see what people’s opinion on the topic

This decision of the central govt. was disappointing. The govt. gets more and more revenue from Faridabad city, but unfortunately, our city has been neglected. The people of the district had kept many dreams over smart city, but everything was dashed.
Vikas Verma, Advocate Supreme Court

Some leaders couldn’t properly represent to Faridabad, that’s why it couldn’t secquire its position in top-20.
Lalit Nagar, MLA Tigaon Constituency

See, you can imagine yourself that what is different between 10 years and 10 months. The opposition party ruled for long time and it ruined the state. Our govt. came just ten months ago, we found a very little time to do something for Faridabad District. Yes, no doubt our party did not leave any stone unturned to complete paperwork, but unfortunately it could not be selected in the first list, but I’m sure our city Faridabad would be selected in the next list.
Seema Trikha, BJP MLA Badkhal Constituency
Actually, it is very sad news for people of Faridabad. It is lack of the administration, government, including locals who failed to get the city entered in top-20 smart cities.
Arun Bajaj, President Laghu Udyog


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