Children may fall in these disease, if they ignored: Dr Vikas Goel

Alive News Photo: Dr Vikas Goyel, Child specialist, B.K Hospital while examine a girl

Faridabad/ Alive News: Rapid changes in weather can make the children ill. Children need to pay attention, avoid cold drinks, cold products and even they should attire full sleeve cloths at night and not sleep under the fan, Dr Vikas Goel, child specialist, B.K Hospital said.

Dr Vikas Goel while talking to the Alive News correspondent said nowadays children having complained of cough, viral fever, cold, throat infection and Asthma are coming to the hospital. Dr Goel said rapidly changing weather is the cause of disease. Parents need to pay attention towards their children.

He said bright sunshine during the day and cold at night are harmful for our body, so we need to exercise a little caution, he stated. Dr Vikas Goel said parents need to give special attention to their children regarding their clothing especially at night and keep them away from cold or cold products and immediate consult any child specialist doctor if their baby does not feel well.

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