DAV School Celebrated Science Week

DAV School
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Faridabad/Alive News: DAV NH3 Faridabad Celebrated Science week from 5th October 2020 to 9 October 2020. On 5th October,  a virtual nature walk was organised for classes III and IV. Students had great fun. They enjoyed it a lot. A Science quiz was conducted on 6 October on the topic – Conservation of water for class V.

Students actively participated in it and came to know about many facts of water. On 7  October , Class VI students also displayed their talent through interesting videos. Students namely Mehar, Ananya, Pratham, Muskan, Khanak,  Shubhangi,  Ritwik and Harsimrat prepared videos on topics like air pressure,  electromagnet,   saturated solution and many more. Their creativity was at its best. A class IV student namely Akanksha also prepared a working model on eruption of volcano.

Not only this, on 7 October, class VII students performed interesting experiments by innovative techniques. The experiments were worth watching and depicted the concept beautifully. It showed the creativity and talents of our students. Some of the young scientists who performed the activities and experiments were Sara, Tanishka, Prabhat, Manan, Simar, Arpita, Bitthal, Seep, Harshit, Somil.

A group discussion was conducted on 7 October with students of class VIII. Atul, Vijay, Harshita, Vaishnavi, Atika, Devang, Vidhi, Tanya, Bhawna and Nandini participated in the group discussion. The confidence with which they presented their point of view was applaudable.  In addition to it, on 8 October, students of class IX prepared wonderful collages on physics activities and explained them very nicely during online class.

Anurag Arya,Kunjal Rajput, Kartik,Raghav, Sangram, Bhavya and Prashant  of class X prepared very informative PowerPoint presentations on the topic-  Environment on 9 October. Students shared the practical problems present in our environment and some facts and information to ponder upon. Their displayed outstanding work.

Overall it was a brilliant scientific week. Students showcased immense talent and keen interest for science. The efforts were commendable. School Principal Jyoti Dahiya congratulated all the teachers and students who worked hard to make the science week a great success. She appreciated the fabulous work displayed by teachers and students.


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