DAV School Organized a webinar on the topic of Nature Beauty

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Faridabad/Alive News: NIT-3 Situated DAV PUBLIC SCHOOL organized a webinar in collaboration with a college in Nigeria. The students of classes 7 and 9 attended the webinar with Ambassador college of Nigeria today.

This webinar was a part of Project ” Nature’s Beauty ” under ISA British Council. The session started with the welcome song performed by the students of class 2 where are the students of classes 7 and 9 enjoyed the discussion on plants found in India which have medicinal property and can easily be grown in our house. The delegate from Nigeria discussed about the” Deforestation” .

They have shown PPT regarding causes & effects of Deforestation. The students of both the countries actively participated in the discussion along with the factors due to which deforestation is happening. The ancient science of Ayurveda and Yoga relies heavily on these plants to treat major conditions, from pain management to weight management and everything in between.

Keep them growing and keep nurturing them so that we can utilise them and treat our condition naturally. Students of both the countries asked interesting questions and also answered most of the questions correctly.

It was a great learning experience. The Principal of the school Ms. Jyoti Dahiya appreciated the efforts of teachers and students and encouraged to organize more such events in future. She also conveyed her warm regards to teachers of collaborating school for their co operation. It was indeed a fruitful event.

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