Demands raised by All India Manufacturers Organization in front of the chief minister, Haryana


Faridabad/Alive News: once known to be Manchester of India has been struggling to make and sustain as a prospering Industrial town. There are several political and practical reasons that made the industries of the city  worried about their existence. The foremost reason is the large number of industries located in non-conforming areas of the district. Once established, there was no industrial land available at affordable rates, these industries are facing several problems. Since, the area is not regularized; these sectors are debarred from infrastructural development. Being in non conforming areas, financial institutions keep away from providing finance to these industries. There are several hardships faced by these industries.

In order to consider the matter, a few days ago, a delegation met with the Chief Minister of Haryana Shri Manohar Lal. The Chief Minister was very possessive for helping the industry but advised the delegation to present the case from a common platform and not from different industrial associations. In order to find out the ways, All India Manufacturers Organisation orgainsed a meeting on Wednesday in which representatives from all the industrial sectors located in non conforming areas were present.

The meeting was chaired by National President of the organisation Mr. Sudershan Sarin; and Kapil Malik (Chairman Haryana Chapter), S.K. Sachdeva and S. S. Kapoor (the Vice Chairman Haryana Chapter), Mukesh Gambhir (General Secretary Haryana Chapter), V.K. Singh, Anju Bajaj (Chairman Delhi Chapter) representing Laghu Udyog Bharti and others were also present there.

The meeting was a three point agenda that has to be put to the chief minister in the meeting on 28th June in Faridabad.

  1. Regularization of Non-Conforming areas where industries are already functioning.
  2. Relocation of industries functional in Residential areas.
  3. long outstanding demand is to get a mother unit for Faridabad.

Speaking on the point of  mother unit Mr. Sudershan Sarin as well as Mr. S.K. Sachdeva in their respective address said that at present most of the Industrial Units at Faridabad are making components and spares for the Mother units located in other cities or states of the country. In spite of having all the globally acclaimed manufacturing facilities in the district, the industries have to supply their products to other states. If a mother unit is established in the area, not only the industrial belt will prosper but the state will also get more revenues.

Apart from the above issues, it was discussed that the Industries are not getting experienced engineers and professionals while recruiting fresh graduates. The reason being the gap between the academics and the professional needs of the industry. In order to bridge this gap, the organization is working on signing an MOU with some professional agency that would provide a short term training to the graduates coming out of engineering and management institutes which will make them more suitable for the industry.

S.K. Sachdeva also informed that Government has started a Geo Static survey using the latest technology to get the details of each and every industry in systems. For this, nodal person from the industry would be Mr. Jitendra Paal Shah and Mr. Sachdeva himself. The government has started this process from Faridabad and would be following the same for all the cities over the country. This would also allow the government to identify the needs of the industry from its own system.

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