Door opened for Pharmacists

Door opened for Pharmacists

Faridabad: The day is not so far, when pharmacists may open their clinics as the same as doctors here in Faridabad, but they must follow certain rules. They will have to take a registration number from (DDCO) District Drug Control Officer and also display outside of their clinics with their qualifications. It is expected to rein on Jholachap doctors. The pharmacists have to take training under MBBS doctor before registration and after that, they will able to diagnose the patients. The centre govt has approved of pharmacy clinic. The centre govt beside state govt and Haryana govt has briefed to the health directorate in this regard.
The directorate has indulged to make a strict law before it forming, so that it misuse could be withheld. All district health centers would be allowed with guideline to open clinic after making law. Actually, better health facilities are not available in rural areas, so the villagers are forced to visit Hakim or Jholachhap doctors for their treatments, while they (Jholachhap) are unknown about diseases and medicines. It has been seen often, some time they (Jholachhap doctors) advice wrong drugs, resulting patient’s problems so increase rather than decreasing. Surely, shops of Jholachhap doctors will shut down after the opening of pharmacy clinics.
Health Director Dr. D.P Lochan says he has no more knowledge about pharmacy clinic and will say something in this regard after viewing the documents. This has been approved in several other states and soon will be implemented in Haryana.

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