Dr’s negligence caused death a baby


Faridabad/ Alive News: How much doctors are responsible about their duties specially in the rainy season, its an example came to see in government hospital, Ballabgarh, where a family members accused doctors that their negligence led to death a 9 Months old baby. They protested in the hospital courtyard and demanded strict action against the accused doctors.

The victim’s mother Manju went to the government hospital with her daughter as complaints of cough and fever on August 6, but the doctors sent her back after prescribing some medicines. Manju once again rushed with her daughter to the hospital when her condition worsened, but the doctors as reacted as earlier. Unfortunately, the baby took last breath while treating. This incident kicked off the family members into flame and protested in the hospital.
According to Manju she had gone to OPD to get her daughter treatment done, the doctors did not help her and doctors are responsible for her daughter’s death.

RMO denied the obligation
The hospital Ramao Dr Man Singh says that his doctors are not liable for this incident and only the family members will be careless in the treatment, resulting the baby dead. If the family members have complained against the doctors they should submit written complaint, so that action could be taken against them.

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