Dussehra will be celebrated at low cost: Radha Narula



RADHA NARULA--001Faridabad: Suspicion has still remained in people’s mind over the Dussehra celebration in the city. There is dispute between the two groups over some matters. Lest the Dussehra may be jeopardized, however, the Alive News correspondent Shafi Shiddique talked to the chairperson of social and religious organization, Radha Narula in this regard, then in her reply Radha Narula said, who is saying that Dussehra would not be celebrated, while grandly be celebrated at low cost this year. Social and religious Organizations would prepare as their own the Ravan like always and Dussehra would be celebrated as the last time.

She said some miscreants of the city will keep away from the Dussehra Ground; they want to cooperate with the administration in this regard.  Over the matter of Sidh Peeth Hanuman Temple, Narula said Jogindra Chawla is a president of the temple and has completed responsibility of Dussehra on behalf of the temple this year, and the programme of Lanka Dahan and Bharat Milap will grandly be observed in collaboration with the administration.

Narula appealed that any Organizations have no need to give money to install the Ravan in the Dussehra ground, but has required to registration in Faridabad Social & Religious Organization for reserving the land to install the Ravan in the time bound.


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