ESI NH-3 and AIIMS will research together


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Faridabad: ESI Medical College Faridabad and All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) Delhi will research together in field of medical. Most of the research work which mainly the duo institutions will focus on brain, heart and will diabetes prevention.  Now research related consent has been agreed between the institutions, but before research assistance professor of Medical College will go to AIIMS for taking training. During his research he will gain deep knowledge of diabetes organs like kidney, heart and besides impact on eyes will be researched on the various unresolved aspects. AIIMS neuro-physiology department head, Dr. Deepak and ESI Medical College professor Academic Registrar, DR. AK Pandey has been agreed after discussion on research issue. Assistance professor of Medical College will go to AIIMS, Delhi to research. There is sleep lab and EEG (Electro Insiflogram) test facility is available in the lab there, although, it is preparing to build the lab in the medical college. 

Knowledge brain activities

Actually, EEG (Electro Insiflogram) test is done in sleep lab. in this lab test various activities of brain while sleeping patient is denoted and a Electrodes device is set at patient brain for 24 hours, during this, a computer collect all activities going on in the patient brain.

There are electrical waves in the brain. Many people are often snore in the sleep, dreams and some live in stress, having these any symptom patients will be part of research during training. During the research, it would be seen that what condition is status of patients suffering as heart, obesity, diabetes, kidney and brain and how it put impact on parts of body during this. The motive of the research is to provide better facility to people and how should avoid to serious diseases, we are trying to build sleep lab in the college. Especially, this research would be done on patients as Epilepsy, Brain Tumors, Depression and Snoring people.

Dr. AK Pandey, Academic registrar, ESI Medical College


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