Ex-Alumni shared personal business ideas to Class-XI students in DAV-49


Faridabad/Alive News : D.A.V. Public School, Sainik Colony, Sector-49 beheld an efficacious ‘Talk on Start-Ups’ b, v Ex-alumni, Innovative Advertisement and Skit Presentation in the second fortnight of November’ 18. The session unfolded with the introduction of the COLLABORATIVE ISA Project by the British Council Co- ordinator. School Principal B.K. Das, then, welcomed the Ex-Alumni, Mr. Karan Kharbanda (2010-11 batch), Entrepreneur, Financial Consultaircy, who shared his personal experience of his own Start-Up, management and execution of the business ideas, primarily motivating the Class-XI students to focus on innovative ideas.

The teams ushered Adister Registers, in Vijay their Shekher Skit Presentation Sharma, Founder with their Paytm, respective Patricia Start Ups Narayan, Founder Shubham Sandeepah Aggarwal, Chain Founder of Restaurants Bhavish Aggarwal, Founder OLA Cabs and Deepinder Goyal Founder Zomato. The energized participants showcased many great ideas and examples in an engaging manner, targetting the pre and post conditions of starting of Start Ups. The themes chosen for Innovative Advertisement, by the five participant teams of Class- XI included distinctive Start Ups like Swiggy, Country Delight Milk, Edible Cutlery, CEAT Breathlyzer and Smart Bin.

plugging the audience with insight about the exclusiveness of different Start Ups. The Project Files based on Start Ups of U.S.A., U.K., JAPAN, CHINA & INDIA added to the wider International perspective of the project. These files were Kaleidoscope providing glimpses of the pioneer business ventures in different countries under study. The activity concluded with a constructive feedback by Reverend Principal Mr B.K. Das Opportunities don’t happen, you create them! The ISA COLLABORATIVE PROJECT- RISE OF START-UPS was accomplished with a great achievement providing an International bent to the outlook of the DAVite scholars.

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