However, Govt claims oppression free governance


Nowadays Haryana state has become a discussion point. First time coming in the state with full majority the govt has achieved several popularities within a year. Since formation of the govt in the state, if its good & bad days should be counted then, we will get conclusion ourselves that what day passed a lot? However, Mr. Manohar Lal Khattar led the BJP govt assumed power on October 26, when our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi’s wave was on peak not only in the center but in all states of the country. Possible, the state govt tried to do the same as Modi govt was doing in the center. Our PM launched “Clean India Campaign” then CM Khattar immediately took the boon in his hand and asked his active leaders as well as his party bearers to clean their respective constituencies. But this campaign proved hollow. Moreover, before completing this campaign the center alarmed to save girl child and to bring changing in people thoughts the center govt driven a campaign as “Beti Bachao Beti Padhao” and then the state govt moved towards this campaign, but we should not forget that this is the state, where girl child are far below the stander line in several districts of the state and also not forget when nurses who were allegedly beaten for their rights in this govt’s regime.
Though, the govt is claiming to good governance and has done development work in every fields whether, it is Govt or Private sector, Woman security, Employment, Vridha Pension as well as Farming sector, but its claim will defiantly fail, if anyone of them should be explained. The govt claims to distribute crore of rupees among the farmers for their crops damage, but did the govt forget, when several farmers returned their cheques due to unacceptable amounts and forget of those time when, farmers were continuously committing suicide in the state. If the govt had a farmer friendly, why the farmers would have been deprived for Fartilizers and seeds? Today women are being victim of eye teasing, molesting, torturing, killing and harassing, but the govt has also failed to procure them. Appropriate step towards employment including quality of education yet has not been taken after a year, while questions are being raised at the govt’s education policy.
Well, the govt is claiming his one-year term was without the oppression and by spending state treasury money on advertising the govt wants to prove that all crime and corruption have been finished. But the govt should explain that what will say about Sunped and Gohana incidents. The people of the state should be ready to face oppression free governance in remaining the four years. Because which arrow the govt had shot within a year, perhaps khatter govt might shoot in the remaining the four years.
Don’t worry, every govt has its respective policies and wants to governance according itself for five years, but what is its responsibility in such a time when entire country is burning in fire of casticism? Should it pour Ghee in a flaming fire or advised to the state people to avoid hates between the communities. Regrettably, this govt took an interest in such games, resulting several communal riots have taken place in the state so far and the state’s image broken down in the world. Let’s see, what Khattar govt is about to do in remaining the four years.
We request to the Khattar Govt that the govt had people of the state fought on the name of casticsm& Communitism and however, it claims oppression free governance in the state through advertisement, while the people should not require thus governance in the further governing. The people have so expectation with this govt and it must focus on development rather than other things, because it had promised of development while elections time, so it should focus on its commitment that is the betterment of the people and the government.

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