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madan Lal azad

There is an interesting story of young age. When a youth keeps his step on the second encampment of the life, then a lot of challenge emerges in front of him. The sensible person he is, who face the challenges in any circumstances and preserves some memorable moment forever. This incident usually happens to each person, but no one wants to share with anyone. However, today I am talking about such a man of city, who has contained several experiences of the life. Madan Lal Azad, who fulfilled the role of the actor and the soldier in Haryana police, shared his life experience in an interview with the Alive News correspondent Shafi Shiddique.

Sir, tell me something about your hometown and qualifications ?

Well, my birthplace is Nabha District Patiala. I did my schooling and graduation from the Govt Ripudaman College at Nabha.

Azad sir, your name is associated with “Azad word” have you ever witnessed its impact in the life? 

Replying to laugh, he said yes, absolutely shown, I never worked under pressure. I spent my life according to myself, which I want to share with you. I used to participate a lot in every college’s activities in college times and was playing big responsibility, which role was offered me. It was result of my ability that I got a chance to role as Villain in a movie that’s name was “Meri Basti Mere Log”, but unfortunately, the movie could not be screened due to some reasons. However, after completing the education, I got selection in Haryana police, but I dropped the service in 18 November 1980. After leaving the police department, I came to Faridabad and joined my job in Bhartiya Cutler Hammer Limited in December 1980. In 1987 I made a staff union, because of impartiality between workers and staff. I became eyesore to the management, and then the management of the company tried to harass me and finally I decided to leave the job.

Sir, two opportunities came in your way, but what was reason to bypass them?

Actually, I did not like working under the pressure. I belong to a business class family, but my father was a political person and was an active member in The RSS. I was often going to attend program with him, therefore I motivated towards the politic. Anyway, I always used to attend the college programmes, so I being an independent person, I didn’t like the job of discipline. Let me tell you, I tried to make union during the police training, because I saw during the training inane behavior is done, who take the training. They have to hear the abuse.  Mean to say they are insulted. So after completing training, when they visit police station or outpost, then they have fallen into the policing atmosphere.

Sir, your words have proven, you always wanted to freedom, but how did you come in the politic, what was the reason?

See, I have already told you my father was in politic as well as an active member in RSS, but I called my parents in Faridabad in 1983 and started my business as “Anupam Glass & Plywood Company” and handed over its responsibility to my younger brother and then I joined in the BJP in 1989. The first time I have been responsibility of vice president of Dayanand Nagar Mandal after joining the party. I was made district BJP General Secretary in Faridabad in 1992. I requested the party to ticket for councillor candidate in 1994 that was the first election of MCF, but the party refused me and gave the ticket of the person, who was not a member of the party and also lost the election and finally I decided to leave the party.

Sir, you had made a party, which was later merged with the Congress party, what was the reason.

You are absolutely right, see Mr. Ramfal Kohli, who was the general secretary of the state BJP and was a diligent person in the state BJP, but he had been removed from the party. So we had made a state level party as “Lok Chetna Manch Haryana” and he (Kohli) was posted as a state president of the party, while I was selected as Faridabad District president of the party. Unfortunately, he (Kohli) died after some time and then I was made state president of the party. I met former Gujarat Chief Minister Shankar Singh Vaghela and having good family relation with him. We merged with our respective parties in the Congress in 1998 after saying him. I was made chairman of the District Congress Business Cell in 1999 after coming in the Congress party and was continue on the post for two years. Mr. Vaghela was made textiles minister in the center in 2004 and he appointed me as vice-president of the All India Handicrafts Board, ministry of textiles Govt of India, in 2007.

Sir, what was reason to switch the Congress party and then joined the BJP? 

It’s not like this, see I had been much impressed with Mr. Narendra Modi’s policies. He did too much work in Gujarat. The biggest things is this, any riots could not take place during his tenure after 2002 incident. The people lived in peace and it was because of Modi factor, so we decided to back home and finally I joined the BJP with the thousands of colleagues before the general secretary and the Incharge of Haryana Mr. Jagdish Mukhi and Mr. Ram Vilas Sharma on August 11, 2013. After the declaration as a candidate of the P.M, I went to Gujarat with my colleagues to meet Mr. Narendra Modi on 11 November 2013. I also went in Modi’s election campaign in Varanasi.

Did you claim the party ticket for the Haryana Assembly election in 2014?

Yes, I did to get ticket from 89 assembly constituencies Faridabad. Even after being a co-convener of Haryana state BJP (Vyapar Cell), I couldn’t get the party ticket and the ticket was issued to the person, who was not active member of the party, but also I helped the candidate who got the party ticket. I also went to Karnal in the favor of Mr. Manohar Lal Khattar in the assembly elections.

After forming the BJP govt in Haryana, what do you think about the progress of Haryana?

I’m very sure that our honorable CM is doing well for the progress of the state and its people. You will see after some time Haryana will be the topper state in the field of development in the country. Would you like to be remained in the party?

What would be your message for the society?

I hate Casteism. Casteism is a curse for our society and the country. It stops the progress of any country


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