India’s 1st branded telemedicine clinics opening in Bareilly


Gurugram: Tattvan E-clinic, Gurugram, first of its kind telemedicine healthcare clinics that aims to connect some of the world’s best medical care to remote locations.

Tattvan E-Clinics are putting best foot forward towards solving poor primary healthcare facilities in remote areas through connecting doctors from world class hospitals to patients in need. Tattvan is opening its first center in Bareilly wherein it will provide comprehensive solutions to cater to the under-privileged part of the society by connecting customers to the right doctors who provide them with a proper and required medical attention giving a solution to their problems.

In India, the health care system is experiencing drastic changes from what it was a few years ago. Today’s stressful and unhealthy lifestyle has led to a significant increase in the incidence of lifestyle diseases and few major ailments which often people ignore due to the lack of time. People take chances with poorly trained local practitioners, or go to free government clinics that are staffed by physicians which proves to be fatal many times.

Tattvan E-clinic is India’s 1st Chain of branded telemedicine clinics servicing in India and International sites.


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