Intellectual work while disaster time: Dr. MP Singh


Disaster management is the creation of Plans through which communities reduce vulnerability to hazards and cope with disaster. We should increase our awareness and understand the cause and effect of disaster. It can be natural or manmade, if we will gain education of disaster then we can manage easily and can save ourselves as well as others.

Communication is the best key, while miscommunication and wrong communication can give birth of hazards and accidents, for this incident training is very important. Dr. M.P Singh Sr. specialist and subject expert of district disaster management authority Faridabad is doing the work and giving training of disaster management, life saving and risk management. You can contact to Dr. Singh at Mo: 9810566553 with the concerning problems.

Emergency management consists of five phases, prevention, Mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery. For disaster management, district disaster management committee has been formed in all districts. All districts have being issued funds to be used for related activities.

CM, Ministers, Police, Fire, Civil Defense, Homeguard, Red Cross and Civil Surgeon are the members of disaster management. DC is the convener and Chief of DDMA is the co-coordinator, So that at time of disaster you can approach to any member.

In disaster, some fear is identified for example, Smoke, Fire, Separation, anxiety, social phobia, sleep problems, night mares, psychosomatic, overreaction, loss of their parents, house, frightened sound etc. So it is duty of relief workers to reduce problem, solve the problem and create friendly atmosphere to suffering in disaster. They have more expectation to relief workers. So it is must be honest, be sincere, be dedicated towards their duty and give help and support to needy persons.

By- Dr. M.P Singh

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