Is The End Here ?…

Write by Riddhi

Some people say the Earth is burning, but do we listen? They say the end is here but do we care? Not at all. Humans have become so selfish and careless that they can’t see the future consequence of what they’re doing today. In the words of the saints the end of Kalyuga is near and whole of the Earth will be destroyed within fractions of a second. But have you ever thought why God would like to destroy his own creation? I say the only reason is human’s ignorance. Some would say overpopulation is the cause but I believe it’s not. The only major cause is human’s want for comfort. The only reason of all problems is humans wants…Life on Earth would have been much happier and more beautiful if humans had not been as selfish as they are today. But humans consider themselves to be the rulers of the Earth. They think only they have the right to live. When humanity came to existence the people were much better than today as today they have become demons for other life forms as well as for Mother Nature.

People today talk about nature conservation while having fully air conditioned workplaces and diesel cars and then they complain about poor air quality, lung diseases and skin problems. There was a time when people were living without ACs and cars and perhaps they were living a happier life. The air quality is getting severe day-by-day, pollution has already killed many, ozone layer is depleting, sea water level increasing and soon the time will come when Earth will be lifeless like other planets and the story of relationship of Earth and life will become a mere history. Unfortunately, humans have still not realized that it’s the time to come together and do something rather than fighting and showing agitation for each other for religion, caste and gender. We need to come out of our comfort zones and act not only for ourselves and the coming generation but for the other life forms who have been tolerating the cruelty of humans. Remembering the words of Gandhi Ji, “Be the change your want to see in the world” just start working and the world will join. Be a role model for the entire society. Reduce the use of plastic bags as they are a threat to the environment, prefer CNG over Petrol and Diesel as it is an eco friendly fuel, use LPG rather than coal for domestic purposes, Fly less to reduce your carbon foot print, stop the use of AC’s and rather use desert coolers.
Another aspect of looking at the issue is Humanity. It’s a shameful truth that more than 90% of the world’s population comprises of non-vegetarian people and these are the people who take several lives everyday just for the sake of taste. Inspite of taking away the lives of those animals they still expect the right to live. An argument is that a non-vegetarian diet is healthier than a vegetarian one. This is a myth because at every level of food chain, 10% of the energy is consumed which implies that the plants provide 90% of the energy received from the ultimate source of energy (i.e. the sun) while animals provide 80% or even less percentage of this energy. A vegetarian diet is healthier and also has a good effect on human brain. Also animals are an integral part of the ecosystem. That is why conservation of animals is necessary for the conservation of nature. A vegetarian diet has the power to change the nature of a person. That is why vegetarian people are more polite and tolerant than the non-vegetarian ones. It can be helpful in bringing back humanity and peace to human society. Hunting of animals is a great example of cruelty towards animals. They are mercilessly tortured and killed for their skin, teeth and horns just for decoration of houses. Have you ever thought how you would have felt if you had been tortured the same way? Have you ever heard the cries of a goat held tightly and a butcher standing in front of it to cut it or a hen whose feathers are being pulled off for frying it? Have you ever thought of yourself in their place? They think they need to take a bath when they accidentally touch a human dead body but what about the ‘dead bodies’ they eat everyday and that too intentionally. Is that call humanity? The humanity for which God created humans. They consider eating meat to be a matter of pride. They capture a koel and force it to sing and if it doesn’t sing, they force it to die by not giving food and even water. Is that humanity? The photograph titled “Hell is Here” which shows a mother and a baby elephant trying to escape from fire crackers and tar balls thrown on them by a mob of mischievous people who are enjoying the scene; became the photograph of the year 2017. God created humans for the sake of wisdom; to make Earth a happier and more beautiful place and not for the destruction of the already existing beauty of nature. He has already been giving warnings in the form of devastating Tsunami, Earthquakes, and floods. These are just the signs of nature’s anger. We still have time to correct our mistakes and fulfill God’s purpose for creating humans before it’s time for his action. Late is better than never……

Write by Riddhi, Student of Class 9th, DAV Public School sec-49, Faridabad (Haryana)


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