Modern Public School Organized an Annual Sports meet

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Faridabad/Alive News: Modern Public School, Sector- 37 Organized an annual sports meet On 5th December 2019. The Event was Inaugrated by founder of the school S.L Gupta along with Director Bhaskar Gupta and Principal Kadambari Jha.

The event was held for two Days. It worth mentioning here that every student of the school was given a chance to participate in the event through trials and selected students represented their classes or houses.

On the first Day of the event 200 Students of primary classes participated in skill games like three- leg- race, passing the ball, sack race, relay race etc and on the second day students of middle and senior classes 500 students represented their houses in games such as Kho- Kho, kabaddi, long jump, Hurdle, race etc.

At the end of the event house was declared as winner. Principal Congratulated the winner and awarded them with medals and certificates.

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