Mother must breastfeed to avoid breast cancer


Faridabad/ Alive News: Rapidly growing breast cancer in women is a cause of concern. Doctors across the world are trying to combat deadly disease.
However, 22th National Conference on Cancer was held in Manav Rachna University, in which hundreds of cancer specialist doctors from India as well as Abroad participated and discussed about breast cancer. The doctors discuss about advanced technology which can be used in minimum loss while treating patients.
The doctors told that breast cancer was a major reason for women not to breastfeed. The conference was conducted by Sarvodaya Hospital, in which doctors from Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Hungry, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and US respectively shared their opinions.
The doctors emphasised women to breastfeed if they want to avoid breast cancer. According to doctors, in India about 1.50 lakh women fall in breast cancer in 2016 and since then it is continue increasing. The doctors even formed a Breast Cancer Foundation on the occasion.
Dr Dinesh Bhndarkar from Mumbai said that people must be aware about cancer and if someone not feel good, she should immediate consult doctor and come out from myth that cancer is not an incurable disease. He said cancer treatment has been completely curable.

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