Navjiwan School organized sport week


Faridabad/ Alive News: There is no age limit for Playing, everyone should play for the sake of his health” with this enlightenment, Navjiwan Public School, Sector-10 concluded sport day from November 13 to 18 for indoor and outdoor game with great enthusiasm. The school children participating in games like cricket, volleyball, football, chess, race, basketball etc. and expressed their best talent.

The entire campus became sportien during the days. The school principal, S. A Farooqi was seen to play cricket, while the chairman Umesh Bhati also seen encouraging the children during the game.

During this, the principal Farooqi talking to media said sport is as important as education today. Sport keeps our body fit and after playing have no need to extra exercise for a healthy body. He further said there is no any age limit for playing, we should involve in games so that we can be fit physically and mentally.

At the end, the school chairman congratulated to all participants for their bright future.

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