Oh shit, Nitish govt. snatched two drops of life


No-liquor day in Bihar

What justice Nitish govt. did with 21th centurion people, someone approached judiciary, while other are consuming harmful substances in absence of liquor?  


It is truly said ‘wealth should increase but not inner men’ perhaps, thus fact an example could be seen in Bihar state today. As the Nitish government completely banned on liquors then its lovers have become malcontent against the govt. and are threatening the govt. to approach judiciary or consuming harmful substances in absence of liquors.


This decision of the govt. has given birth of new adversity in the state. Now members of a house have divided into two parts. Some members of a family are appreciating of the govt.’s initiative, while another are exploring choices and in such cases, an addicted person can do anything for fulfilling his needs and now its result has stated to come.


Overall, a week didn’t pass, but complaint of consuming harmful substances has been noted more than thousand in the state so far. This incident has become a challenge for the govt. now.


Actually, the Bihar government gets revenue of nearly Rs 2,000 crores from the sale of IMFL and revenue of around Rs 4,000 crores from country liquor sales in 2015-16. Definitely, this is the great lose of state expenditure, but Kumar has repeatedly said his government would do everything to discourage the drinking habit as it severely hits the poorest of the poor. The poor consume liquor, leading to family problems including domestic violence, affecting their children’s education.



However, if these key points should be discussed, then we would get as a conclusion, in which the people who are oppose the govt. will be proved totally wrong into the matter, because we well aware that addiction is very bad and for a little pleasure we put our family at risk. The family in which consist of a small crowed of children is necessary to educate them, moreover several other people having the same age live in the family is also necessary to cooperate them in development discussions, but unfortunately, smoker men beyond of these engage in their own life. I want to ask the smoker men that at least they should contribute in development of families if they can not contribute for the country.

After all, where they want to move their family, they will have to decide their own, because when our entire state including our family members have an expectation of new changing then they should cooperate in the same.

Let me tell you, to provide the livelihood of those involved in the liquor business, the government has offered them to sell products of the state-run Bihar State Milk Cooperative Federation Ltd. under the brand name “Sudha Dairy”.

In the past also, Bihar had tried to ban liquor in 1977-78 by the then chief minister Karpoori Thakur, a socialist veteran but failed to effectively implement it.

…. Alive News Correspondent, Shafi Shiddique


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