Parveen Nisha selected vice-captain in 12th Asian Kho Kho game

Sportgirl Parveen Nisha including her coach and parents addressing a press conference

Nisha aims to give international status of Kho-kho game

Shafi Shiddique

Faridabad/ Alive News:

It is great pleasure for us, that people thoughts are changing, specially the Muslim Community. Now, girl or boy the both are same for them, they support their children in which field they prefer to enter. Similarly, a hidden incident came to fore here today, when a sport team held a press conference in the city’s hotel after winning an International level Kho Kho game.

Actually, An Eighteen year old sportsgirl Parveen Nisha got the the match own in recently conducted an International Kho-Kho match held in Assam, in which players from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Shri Lanka and Nepal participated, but in final round defeating to all teams only India Verses Bangladesh the match was fixed and finally the Indian team acquired the victory their name. It was accepted the biggest role of Nish behind this match, that’s why she has been selected vice-captain of Indian Kho-Kho team.


Talking to media, Nisha’s coach and manager of Indian male Kho-Kho team, Sumit Bhatia said Parvin Nisha native of Tajpur Pahadi sector-37 Faridabad, belongs to a poor family. His father Muhammad Juman having seven children, installs sustention shop in Badarpur market. I recognized the talent of the child and offered her an opportunity to play, resulting she never misuse of the opportunity and today she uplifted honour of the state at national level in the field of Kho-Kho game.

He further said it is the result of her hard work that within a short term she made her position as an Indian vice-caption of Kho-Kho team and her contribution was awesome in winning gold medal in the 12th Asian Game. Mr. Bhatia added Nisha was the only female player from the North India, who scored her position in the national team.

Nisha as well as her coach showing victory sign after winning 12th Asian game
Nisha as well as her coach showing victory sign after winning 12th Asian game


In the meantime she along with her parents sharing their views with media said we have seven children in which five girls and two boys, but never I felt burden of girls. In fact, before Nisha my three girls are in sport and they have earned good name in games, therefore I am proud of my daughter, who is leading of the Indian team. Meanwhile, in a reply to query, Nisha said it is my dream to get the Kho-Kho game provided as an International status.



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