Patients in ESI Hospital not getting satisfactory services


Faridabad/ Alive News: Patients coming to the ESI Hospital are being disappointed. They are unable to get sufficient services and are to face difficulties due to flaws. The patients’ pain increases when they do not get CT scans, Cath labs and dialysis facilities in the hospital and have to wander for X-ray and ultrasound. Apart from this, the patients have to face trouble for hours to get their registration done.

In the meeting of ESI Development Committee, member NK Garg raised the issue of deficiencies in facilities. The member Bechu Giri too resented in presence of Dr. Asim Das, the chairman of the committee.

NK Garg said when the patient comes to the hospital he gets his registration done. But he is forced to get his registration again done when he comes to the hospital after some times. If the registration is done at the same time, the patient will save time. On his second visiting, the patients should go straight to the doctor’s room and there one employee can register his card. Dr. NK Garg said that online registration system should be started. Over this, Dr Asim said that online process is under working.

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