People protested against ACP Rajesh Chechi transfer at CP office

Alive News Photo: ACP Rajesh Chechi file pic

Faridabad/ Alive News: Stiff resistance of the city’s people came to see at that time at the Commissioner of Police, Amitabh Singh Dhillon office, when so many people assembled in office and demanded to bring back to ACP Rajesh Chechi, which has been wrongly transferred to Panchkula. People could not meet with CP till the news was written, but it was clearly appearing in their anger that his transfer was done under any conspiracy and they can go to any extent to bring him back.

Significantly, the state government has transferred him to Punckul. He was asked to report with immediate effect and after which he went to Panchkula on Thursday. Actually, the relatives charged up to ACP Rajesh Chechi of being involved with the accused Vinodh Khatana in Darshan Kaushik killing case and the victim family also complained against him to help the accused Vinodh, that was the reason for his transfer.

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