Rabies Vaccine shortage in B.K Hospital, People asked outer options


Faridabad: Anti-Rabies Vaccines (ARV) has been finished in B.K Hospital for one week and yet to be arranged, resulting more than hundreds of animal bit victim are being returned from the hospital every day. People are paying around Rs 300 for one time vaccination if they are to avoid animal rabies. The incident came to light today, when an elder woman came to B.K hospital with her orphaned grandchildren from Piyala village, Sikri. She was told about shortage of ARV. She somehow arranged money and bought rabies vaccines Rs 300 from a medical store. Many other victims gathered for the vaccination when the elderly woman was talking to the mediapersons in Room No: 1, but they all had to be backfoot.

According to information received from sources Anti-Rabies Vaccines has been finished March 16, 2018, and around 100 to 150 people come to the hospital for vaccination every day. In this condition, people have only one option, either they should spend money for vaccination or return home.

However, the Alive News correspondent tried to contact to the hospital authorities in this regard, but no one could give suitable information.


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