Rose garden a hub of illegal activities, administration eyeless


Shafi Shiddique

Faridabad/ Alive News:

The Municipal Corporation Faridabad has become a headline for negligence over its duties. Some time it remains in discussion over, portable water, sewerage and sanitation, while some time with lightening.  It is result of this, now people of the city don’t belief on the corporation’s works and definitely any one can raise finger at the department activities if you interact any passerby in the city.

Actually, the matter I am going to share with you that is related to Rose Garden park maintenance. Unfortunately, the park is under the nose of the Corporation, but the corporation is unaware. However, the incident came to fore yesterday, when the Alive News correspondent was invited to attend a press conference that was held in the garden. The correspondent found several mistakes over there and then he tried to know current situation of the park then presented some people in the garden’s parking replied something like this.

Here is big problem of electricity. The electric pillars of which you are looking but a single bulb doesn’t light at night, these have become merely a showpiece. This is the garden parking and it opens 3: AM early in the morning and remain close at 11:30 PM, but due to electricity problem we are unable to distribute parking slips to the visitors in night.- Udayvir Dahiya, Rose Garden parking contractor

See, darkness come around in garden and outside, when the night fall, taking an advantage of it, several couples engage in misdeed works. The police administration doesn’t eye on their activities and I’m sure you would come to know about an untoward incident if the situation remains same.- Pradeep Kumar, Rose Garden parking slips distributor

 I feel sorry to say anything about the park, see, this is a family park. Earlier several parents used to visit here with their children, but now the park has become stronghold of illegal activities, therefore people nearby the park refuse to come here. – Akhilesh Kumar, Garden visitor

rose garden 0
Couples are enjoying in the park  

All things of the park have been spoiled, but the MCF administration is quiet. I am here in the park since 1986, when it came into existence. Let me tell you, here 50 employees had been deployed at that time, but most of employees retired, now only 20 employees have remained. Keeping in view of the garden work at least 40 employees are require.-  Bhagwan Shah, Head Mali Rose Garden    

rose garden

 Significantly, the garden has a parking facility by the park and the park visitors pay fare for their vehicles safe, but where does the corporation use of the money is doubt.



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