Ryan International School Organised assembly


Faridabad/Alive News: To welcome the students back to school after winter vacation and to make them know they were missed, the teachers of Ryan International School presented a special opening assembly on with zeal and vigor in the school premises.

The day commenced with students and teachers joining in for the Bible reading followed by Lord’s Prayer and Special prayer for all the Ryanites and their families.

Thereafter, the students and teachers joined together to sing Praise and Worship songs which accentuated the divine atmosphere. Thought for the day was read out and explained by the teachers, followed by quotes on integrity along with real life examples and anecdotes which students listened to in rapt attention.

Students and teachers also took the national pledge vowing to be the worthy citizens of our country. Patriotic song sung by students and teachers reiterated the spirit of patriotism in all the participants of the assembly.

The Program concluded with encouraging and motivating words from the principal Nisha Sharma, who wished all the students and the staff a happy and prosperous New Year 2020. She then asked the students to have a resolution for the year, by making a conscious effort to achieve it, which would help them to become a better version of themselves. The assembly concluded with singing of school anthem by the students.

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