Ryan School Organised Grand Parents Day


Faridabad/Alive News: The students of classes Montessori to class II of Ryan International School Faridabad celebrated Grand Parents day. On a blessed day the day lit up with warmth and happiness as happy loving and enthusiastic grandparents walked through the gates of Ryan’s warmly welcomed by little children. The entire programme was conducted by little Rynites Advika, Sana , Atharv, Mysha, Ansh and Vansh.

The programme began by seeking the almighty blessings with the Lord’s prayer, bible reading and a special prayer by Harjas, Kavya, and Siddhant. To thank God for enveloping them in the warm love of their grandparents the Ryan Primary Choir sang Praise and worship songs with all reverence. The grandparents were welcomed in English, Hindi and Punjabi by Parv, Simra and Ranveer.

The children of; ass I presented a foot-tapping Welcome song. The treat began with Fun Games prepared for the grandparents. The granddads were invited to play the game titled Helping Granddads that was folding the saree competition. The cool winners were Mr M. P. Singh, Mr Subash Chawla and Mr Ashok Sharma. Kimaya a student of class I A serenaded the grandparents with an instrumental presentation. The next game involved Grand Maa’s Titled Go-Getter Grandma. this involved testing the grandmother’s skills in tying a double knot tie. The smart winners were Mrs Satya Mehta, Mrs Ruchi Gupta and Mrs Azad Singh.

Utsav the little enthusiast of class I D presented a short poem in honour of the grandparents. The completion and fun became more exciting with the Antakshari Competition. There were several rounds like Akshar Gyan, Theme round based on relationships and prop round. The winners were Mr Ashok, Mr V. K. Gupta and Mrs Mitthi Gardener.

The icing on the cake was an impromptu dance number on old Hindi songs which were thoroughly enjoyed by the grandparents. Krishangi of Class I C presented a retro dance as a mark of respect to the grandparents. The finale of the programme was a cute poem presentation by Montessori and a rocking Garba by Class II children.

The Principal Ms Nisha Sharma in her address thanked the grandparents and called the day as a blessed day as the school and its children were blessed to welcome the grandparents. She requested the grandparents to keep motivating the children and asked the children to love, respect and obey their grandparents. Omansh Kohli of I E presented the vote of thanks. The grandparents later participated in plantation, writing messages for their grandchildren and clicking selfies in the selfie corner

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