“Science Exhibitions held BVK School


Srishti Khandelwal/ Alive News

Faridabad : “Science is a beautiful gift to humanity and we should not distort it and as well as it promises the equal welfare” said, principal, Dr. kusum sharma. In the school premises of bhartiya vidya kunj School science and SST exhibitions took place on 11 August, 2018.

This science and SST exhibition took place under the supervision of SST and TGT Madhu Sharma and Science TGT miss Ruby Sharma along with the science PGT Mr. Dinesh Kumar and SST & PGT Suman bala. Students as well as the teachers took active participation in order to make the purpose of Cooperation successfull.

students along with the teachers worked literally hard and made models of many of the science projects whether. it is a working landscape or the water cycle and even the illustrations were also made on how democracy works in our country. It’s a great initiative by the faculty, actually the whole management and the students. Because somehow students find it difficult in learning but may find it helpful with the help of charts and illustrations.

 By this the quality of activeness and scientific creativity was promoted among the students.

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