Son donates liver to save father’s life on Father’s Day


New Delhi/ Aive News: To commemorate Father’s Day, a son donated his liver to his father. A team of the liver transplant led by Dr Vivek Vij, Fortis Healthcare broutgh out a son for donating a part of his healthy liver to save his father’s life. The son’s organ matched with all the parameters to be able to donate his liver, but he was under age. After bearing age of 18 year-old, the surgery was conducted by Dr Vivek Vij, Director & HOD, Department of Liver Transpalant, Fortis Healthcare. The patient Vijay Kumar (46) was diagnosed with chronic liver disease induced by over consuption of alochol.  A year and a half prior to his liver transplant surgery, he had been suffering from persistent fever. This consequently led to jaundice which the patient chose to treat through herbal medication. While the patient’s condition did not improve, he also had gastrointestinal bleeding. The patient presented with all above symptoms in a very serious condition and all the relevant tests and investigations reconfirmed the diagnosis of advanced chronic liver disease needing urgent liver transplantation.

Dr Vivek Vij says, “The liver is the largest internal organ in the body and a vital one. It is responsible for several key functions such as supporting filtering and disposing of toxic material from the blood, fueling the body with the energy required, regulates sex hormones, cholesterol levels and vitamins and mineral supplies in the body. When the liver is diseased all these vital functions are impaired and in a critical condition of a diseased liver, the only scope of survival is a transplant.”

Dr Vij shares, “The last two decades have seen a paradigm shift in the field of liver transplants. The LT has evolved by leaps and bounds from a lack of awareness in the public domain and therefore, being a rarity to a well-known and accepted procedure. Patients were seeking the procedure in countries out of India.

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