SRS International School celebrates Republic Day with great fervor


Faridabad/ Alive News: The 67th Republic Day was celebrated in all its solemnity and grandeur at SRS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL on 26th January 2016. The day commenced with great reverence as the students saluted the National Flag and pledged themselves to uphold the honour, integrity, diversity and uniqueness that is “India”, thereby sowing the seeds of an annual culture.

The school reverberated with patriotic fervour as the choir group sang a patriotic prayer. All students wore tri-coloured clothes to mark the occasion. The students took pride in glorifying and celebrating the spirit of unity and brought the stage alive with their passion for their motherland. The whole school was decorated with national flags.

A plethora of patriotic dances were presented by the pre-primary wing of the school. Little toddlers danced their way into everybody’s hearts. It was followed by a poem recitation competition by the students of classes I and II.

The day was marked with a small exhibition organised by the school to educate the students about the founders of our Constitution. Classes III and IV depicted a small role-play showing the struggle of our freedom fighters.

The highlight of the day was a mock parliament session arranged for the students of class V, where the Student LokSabha debated on the current issues concerning our government.

Believing in the ethos of “Peace, Unity and Harmony”, the programme concluded with an inspiring addressal delivered by the Principal, Ms.Deepika Sharma. She passionately spoke about our diverse nation and the relevance of the Constitution and the Preamble. She enthralled the students with inspirational stories and reiterated the need for being resolute despite adversities to rise victorious.

Finally all assembled bowed to the strains of our national song, Vande Mataram, a perfect tribute to our motherland. A broad smile was seen on SRSian’s faces as the students released tri-color helium balloons in the air marking the end of a beautiful day.

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