Stress is enemy of heart


Faridabad: High blood pressure, Fat and heart related disease is spreading swiftly in youths. Specially, office bearers and schooling youth are being more victim of the disease. According to doctors changing lifestyle, fat-rich food and alcohol is the leading cause.
The B.K Civil Hospital’s SMO and cardiology specialist Dr. Virendra Yadav told desperation while emerging during working and tiredness is a major reason of coronary heart disease (CHD). Increasing competition in professional life and deadlines are also impacting youths, causing heart related several new diseases are taking birth. The risk of heart related complaints have increased 10 to 15 per cent due to changing in working styles. A new patient comes to the hospital every day whose age is between 30 to 40 years. If a glimpse may put on private hospital, then a figure of patients will be too more in compare to the civil hospital.
Stress: Dr. Yadav told, children are to face sedentary lifestyle from childhood in NCR and the children are unable to give time for exercising. He further said the level of hormones like Adrenal and Cortisol is increase living in stress for a long time or working with stress, by which blood pressure increase and blood clots start to be gathered in heart blood cells, so risk of heart attack is increase.
Smoking: Youths are swiftly being a victim of smoking and has become a fashion statement for them. The ECHC doctor, Dr. Ashok told smoking puts a bad effect on health. There are dangerous things like Nicotine and tar available in smoking and Carbon monoxide is enough to stop the motion of the heart.
Dry fruits: Dr. Ashok told dry fruits are harmful to the body, cholesterol is too much available in fried food and people must avoid Pakauda, Jalebi and Samosa etc.
Keep safe your heart: At least 45 minutes should quickly walk and pay particular attention to your diet. Coagulated oil is not used in eating, Saffola and olive oils should use and must do exercise every day.


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