Student of heritage school visited Tau Devi Lal old age home


Faridabad/Alive News : The students of Heritage Global School, Faridabad visited Tau Devi Lal old age home in NIT -2, Faridabad.

The visit was aimed at infusing in students, emptying and compassion. The inmates were very hospitable and friendly and they welcomed the students with their beautiful smiles. To break the monotony of their lives the students’ school presented few songs and danced for them and also made them sing and dance along.

The students had taken along some eatables and gift as a token of love and respect. They promised them to visit them again. The main objective was to sentitize the students towards the difficulties they face. So that they can realize the value of the blessing of the elders.

Principal Ms. Rakhi Verma asked the students about their experience to which they should that they felt very loved and were felling very happy having added some colours to the dull life of these senior citizens.



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