Trustee destroyed donated equipments in Shri Ram Ji Charitable Hospital


Patients refuse to go Shri Ram Ji Charitable Hospital

Faridabad/ Alive News (Shafi Shiddique): NIT’s oldest Charitable Hospital “Shri Ram Ji Charitable Hospital” has lost its identity. Seeing the condition of the hospital, anyone can say the hospital rather ill itself than patients. Here all the infrastructures were destroyed. The patients hardly visit here just because of its worsening condition. The Alive News team visited the hospital over many complaints of the patients, in which the hospital’s was really shocking.

Hospital or Ghost House

The Alive News team went the hospital about 12 pm, in fact this time is known as peak hours for any hospital, when lots of patients come to see doctors or collect their reports. But it is unfortunate for the Dharmarth hospital, where some patients were seen in this disease season. Apart from this, when the team went to the OPD and General Ward of the hospital, where also only four to five patients met.

Wastage of equipments

As we know it is a charitable hospital, in which the donors donate equipment free of cost in order to help the needy. But how their donated equipment are being ruined, it can be easily seen. Around hundreds of bed, chairs, tables and laboratory equipment are gathering dust, but the trusty is not paying attention.

Poor cleaning system 

It is also known, how dangerous is the spreading of dirt in the hospital, which can affect any healthy person. But there is no cleaning system in the hospital. Wastage things as used needles, gloves, bottle, cotton and bandage apart from this, filth in OPD and toilets really expose reality of the hospital.

Trustee’s Opinion

Overall, when all the problems of the hospital was raised in-front of the present president of the hospital, Kaval Khattri he said we have great sad over the hospital condition. He said this hospital was established in 1989 in the name of my father “Shri Ram Ji Dharmarth”. All the types of facilities were being provided to the patients at minimal cost, but it is unfortunate that it was sick itself rather than the treatment of the patients. However, let me tell you, we are engaged in improving it again and soon it will be appeared in its earlier face, he added.

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