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Milk, Oils, food ingredients, fruits, vegetables, clothes and other equipments everything have been sophisticated, now what is rest? 

  Whenever we go to market and buy anything then suddenly a word comes out through our mouth that is it original? Only one concept remain in our mind toward any things that perhaps it might be contaminated, but we have no option instead of buying the things. We know everything though we purchase and use them, because these are our needs.

Adulterated milk

Surprisingly, today we are fighting on useless issues like racism, discrimination, untouchability, intolerance, and nationalism, but have we ever thought a serious issue is also above to all which debate is an essential, no- never debate, because we are being diverted from an actual issue that is adulteration. Because, if all people will raise their voice jointly, probably administration as well as government be stumbled.  

Adulterated tomato

It is need to attention that today is being talked about development in across the country, but I want to ask what’s the use of that development which proves dangerous for us.  Todays in our eating, drinking and wearing all these things are being adulterated. It often gets to hear that detergent was found in milk, fruits are being prepared by chemicals, vegetables are prepared by injection, cosmetic and daily uses things are duplicate sold what these are all? Is it called development?    


Our Prime Minister addresses country and world’s people through his ‘Man Ki Bat’ programme, but I want to ask him has he ever raised this issue in the parliament or ever said that strict action would be taken against guilt persons.  Looking at our antics foreign-based companies are cheating with us. They dump their third quality products in the country but though our country runners keep mum, because they charge hefty amount from those companies.

 Finally, I want to say that without health development is never possible. Because any development is only possible by strength and wisdom and keep remain it in every youth it is responsibility of our govt. and administration that they should never compromise of the country’s health.  


 Shafi Shiddique, the Alive News Correspondent


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