Faridabad/ Alive News: In order to keep a separate identity in the people of the city, the Dussehra festival has contained the political color today. This is the third time, when the Dussehra took the political stunt and this festival will be organized by political party as well as administrator rather than traditional organizers.

Awesome preparation in the Dussehra Ground

In compare to the last year of Dussehra celebration, this year the Dussehra will be something unique, because VVIP celebrities’ presentation will be more today. This can be assumed by preparation of cleanliness, patching of road and installing of dustbin around the Dussehra ground.

Overnight preparation of the Mela ground

Over the presentation of CM as a Chief Guest on the occasion, the entire area of the Dussehra ground was well-nurtured overnight. Let me tell you, earlier there was no any dustbin, but sensing of the CM visit, there was installed 3 to 4 dustbins outside of the Entry Gate. Installation of interlocking tiles work was done within the night, these all works revealed that this year, the festival will be for the government and administration rather than common people.



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