Ward Boy molests young female patient in Metro Hospital


Faridabad/ Alive News: A matter of molesting a young female patient by a ward boy in Metro Hospital came for. It is said the victim was admitted due to have complained of diarrhea in the hospital. No legal action was taken in this matter till the new was written.
According to the police the accused would be arrested today.
According to information received from a sources, the victim about 19 years-old female was admitted on May 6 with the complaint of diarrhea in the hospital. During her treatment the hospital’s ward boy Ashok (28) molested her. The victim narrated the incident to her family, over this, the family complained in the police.
Women Police Station SHO, Savita Rani says a case is being filed against the accused Ashok and will be arrested by the night.
But the hospital official, Yogesh Sharma says that this case is the part of conspiracy. He said he has handed over to the accused to police. He said to police to check out the incident and arrest the accused of he is found guilty.

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