It is occasionally seen whenever election is about to come public’s attention is diverted, so that they could not justify who is good government and who is wrong? Because, the people have been seeing to all parties one by one for long time, and their (All Parties) concept are the same, they have only one motive that impress public with effective speeches and govern on them.


Today environment of the entire country has spoiled, somewhere issue of cow slaughter, beef ban, terrorism, anti country slogan, Gau Rakshak Dal, Gang rape, and beating Dalit youths have become a matter of discussion. One side where common men are losing lives as well as their belongings while another side leaders are making their points just giving a flash promises to protect them.  Incidents like beating Dalit youths in Una of Gujarat or Buldelkhand gang raped almost happen every day, but some incidents are highlighted more by leaders, because through the incidents they want to secure their seats in the following elections.

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 It is another matter, our society is educated now, we have doctors, engineers, scientists, teachers, lawyers, philosophers and lecturers. Obviously, they are an example of educated society, but though they also loss their sense in time and leave everything on leaders that do anything as you wish. It is great sad that instead of having an excellent experience in their respective areas we are not able to justify that what is happening wrong in our society? Or how should I avoid it?

What is benefit of our knowledge or experience, when we cannot keep our society safe? When we walk sheep trick and come in deceive of leaders and finally destroy relations with other communities or our neighbors without knowing fact of the incidents.  We are not able to raise voice against wrong, while prove wrong to other and violate old-age relationship with our neighbors forever.

Considering to the points, if we talk then several questions will occur to fore, moreover had I ever asked myself should I follow to leaders or use their own wisdom?

                           Shafi Shiddique, Alive News Correspondent


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